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My current research interests focus on investigating wave phenomena of different nature (electromagnetic or mechanical), particularly on studying the mechanisms of wave propagation in complex artificial media, with applications to the areas of applied electromagnetics (from RF and microwaves to terahertz and infrared frequencies), acoustic imaging, advanced metamaterials/metasurfaces, graphene, nanotechnology, RF antennas, cloaking and invisibility, sensing. I have extensively worked on exploiting the extraordinary properties of metamaterial/metasurfaces to manipulate waves at scales smaller than their wavelength, with the ultimate goal of designing ultra-compact devices for robust waveguiding, efficient sensing or subwavelength imaging, boosting the performance and functionality of the traditional elements in the telecommunication systems. The latest research interest also involves advanced interdisciplinary topics, such as a combination of wave physics and deep learning techniques for novel applications in imaging, sensing, and artificial intelligence.

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Presentation on Subwavelength acoustic imaging by deep learning in the ICUA’S (International Conference on Underwater Acoustics, ICUA 2020) first virtual one-day conference. Full programme can be found here.

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