Short CV

Bakhtiyar Orazbayev's CV summary

Bakhtiyar Orazbayev is currently hired as an assistant professor in the Physics department of Nazarbayev University. Before he worked as a scientist at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the top world universities that perform world-leading research in various fields, including natural sciences and engineering. In the group of Prof. Romain Fleury, a world-recognized expert in topological photonics and non-reciprocal acoustics, he is involved in research projects on electromagnetics and acoustics. He received the Specialist in Physics degree from the People's Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Moscow, Russia, in 2011. After, he received MS and Ph.D. degrees from the Public University of Navarre (UPNA), Pamplona, Spain in 2015, and 2016 respectively.

He started his research career during his undergraduate studies at the RUDN, working on the determination of the surface roughness using optical planar waveguide methods. His work led to several conference talks and a journal paper. After, he joined the Antenna Group of the Public University of Navarre as a pre-doctoral fellow, where his research was focused on the study and application of disruptive devices based on metamaterials, including extraordinary transmission structures, invisibility cloaks, graphene devices, and others. His findings on cloaking devices were highlighted in the general press, with appearances on national television and radio channels. During his research career, he also stayed for several months as a visiting researcher in world-leading universities, where he worked with worldwide-recognized researchers in metamaterials, such as Prof. Andrea Alù, Prof. Anatoly Zayats, Prof. Alejandro Martinez.

His current research interests span over a broad range of areas, including metamaterials, electromagnetism, optics and photonics, scattering, cloaking and transparency, RF antennas and circuits, acoustic devices, and metamaterials, time modulated photonic devices, wave physics, and deep learning. Moreover, he is currently co-supervising one Ph.D. student at the UPNA. During his research career, he published 17 scientific articles in international journals (2 invited) among which several high-impact publications with many citations to date, he has participated in 4 research projects/contracts, more than 30 international conferences (3 invited), and nine national conferences and has delivered one seminar. His scientific productivity is high and of high impact with an h-index between 9 and 11 and between 282 and 372 citations (depending on the source).

Adv. Opt. Mat. selected his article on the experimental demonstration of metasurface-based carpet cloak to be included in the virtual issue "Metasurfaces" to highlight recent groundbreaking research in this area, the magazine Optics & Photonics News selected paper on advances in ε-Near-Zero metamaterial devices as outstanding research in optics of 2015, another his article on the broadband zoned fishnet metalens won a CST University Publication Award in 2016. His paper on the diffusive cloaking device attracted enormous attention from the mass-media, featured in Physics World,, and many more. Physical Review Applied Editors’ highlighted his paper “Chiral Waveguides for Robust Waveguiding at the Deep Subwavelength Scale” in 2018. He also won several awards: UPNA Research Award 2019; CST University Publication Awards in 2016.